Treating Common Eye Injuries By David Gross on October 30, 2014

A closed eyeAt Deen-Gross Eye Centers, our doctors are dedicated to our patients’ overall eye care, preserving the health and functions of the eyes. Regular eye exams are one part of this eye care, but it is also vital to treat any unusual injuries or conditions as they develop. Although patients may be hesitant to seek medical attention when the eye has been injured, especially if it seems to be something that they consider minor, it is actually very important that the eyes be examined as soon as possible in the case of an injury. This not only allows our doctors to look for any signs of underlying damage or complications, but also to treat the injury in a timely and effective manner so that no further complications develop.

Common Eye Injuries

Eye injuries are not as unusual as one may imagine. On a daily basis, people scratch, poke, or otherwise injure the eyes. While some injuries are more serious than others, all have the potential to cause long-term harm to the eyes if they are not cared for as necessary. Below are some of the most common types of eye injuries as well as some treatments that may be applied to the injured eye:

  • Corneal scratch: This is one of the most common eye injuries. The cornea of the eye is very delicate and can be easily scratched if rubbed or poked, especially if there is a foreign substance, such as dust or dirt, in the eye. It is very important to treat a corneal scratch because it leaves the eye vulnerable to infection. Treatment of a corneal scratch will likely involve the use of a topical medication or eye drops. It is important to avoid rubbing or scratching the eye while it heals.
  • Eye swelling: A swollen eye is most likely the result of a blow to the face. While it may seem like this injury is little more than swelling or bruising, it is important to see our eye doctors to ensure that there is no internal damage. If any internal damage has occurred, it will be important to treat it as soon as possible in order to avoid further complications.
  • Chemical burn: A chemical substance can splash into the eye or get into the eyes through indirect contact with the hands. In either case, depending on the make-up of the chemical, this can cause serious stinging and burning. It is important to clean the eyes out immediately with a direct flush of clean water. Medical treatment is also advised so that the eye can be cleaned out properly using an eye irrigation machine.
  • Traumatic iritis: This injury, which is an inflamed iris, often results from a blow to the face. The injury may result in light sensitivity and irritation. Steroid drops may be prescribed to help treat this condition by decreasing inflammation.
  • Eye penetration: The most severe eye injury is the penetration of a foreign object. Immediate medical attention is required in these cases so that the object can be removed safely and resulting lacerations can be treated. Depending on the severity and location of the lacerations, treatment may involve antibiotics, stitches, and/or surgery.

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