Recovery After Cataract Removal Surgery By David Gross on March 04, 2015

An older couple smiling in a light roomThe team here at Deen-Gross Eye Centers has proudly helped patients in Merrillville and Hobart with their eye care needs. This includes the surgical removal of cataracts and the restoration of vision following the procedure. The surgery is safe and quite effective, though it's important that patients understand the nature of the recovery process.

Let's go over the basics of that right now. Keep in mind that a full rundown of pre-op and post-op instructions will be provided during the consultation process.

Overall Recovery Time from Cataract Surgery

Generally the recovery time after cataract surgery is about a week to two weeks. This means that most of the major side effects will have reasonably abated, allowing patients to return to most of their regular activities. Total recovery from the side effects of cataract surgery can take a few weeks, however.

Common Side Effects After Cataract Surgery

Some of the most common side effects after cataract surgery include the following:

  • Discomfort
  • Eye irritation
  • Light sensitivity
  • Blurry vision
  • Gritty or sticky sensations in the eyes
  • Mild bruising around the eyes

These side effects are most pronounced in the early days of healing but abate with the days and weeks of recovery. Patients should speak with their eye surgeons if they experience any undue discomfort or other matters that seem out of the ordinary.

Activities to Avoid as You Heal

In order to avoid major complications and ensure healing that is fast and problem-free, be sure to rest your eyes in the first day or two after surgery. Do not watch movies, read, or use the computer during this time so your eyes are given ample time to rest. Avoiding strain is crucial.

It's also important that patients do not engage in any strenuous physical activities during this time, particularly heavy lifting, which increases pressure in the face and head. Your eye surgeon will let you know when you can return to exercise and other actions that lead to physical strain.

Use Eye Drops as Directed by Your Surgeon

Inflammation and increases in intraocular pressure are a major concern as patients heal, which is why your eye surgeon will provide you with medicated eye drops. These should be used as directed for the next two weeks to a month. They will help with the recovery process and help you avoid serious complications.

Dealing with Light Sensitivity

Light sensitivity can last for a fair amount of time after your cataract surgery. Because of this, it's important that patients wear sunglasses when outdoors in order to protect their eyes from the sun and to avoid major problems with discomfort and irritation.

Visit Your Eye Surgeon for All Follow-Up Visits

During your recovery from cataract surgery, you will have a number of follow-up visits with your eye surgeon in order to ensure that you experience no issues as you heal and they you are on the road to good health and great vision. Be sure to attend all of these follow-up visits as they are crucial for you to get the most of out your cataract surgery.

Contact Deen-Gross Eye Centers to Learn More

To learn more about surgery to remove cataracts and other issues related to the health of your eyes, we encourage you to contact our advanced eye care and vision correction centers today. At Deen-Gross Eye Centers, we will work with you to ensure that you receive the best care possible.

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