IOL Surgery Side Effects By David Gross on September 29, 2019

An intraocular lens (IOL)Cataracts can cloud up the lens of your eye and lead to vision loss. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), 2 million cataract surgeries are performed each year. The surgeons at Deen-Gross Eye Centers have themselves performed more than 40,000 cataract surgeries during their careers. It’s a routine procedure that can enhance people’s lives.

The removal of the clouded lens is typically followed by placement of an intraocular lens (IOL), enhancing your ability to see and to enjoy the world around you. When placing IOLs, our teams in Merrillville and Hobart, IN go over the various post-op side effects following cataract surgery. This gives patients a realistic understanding of what life is like with IOLs. Let’s take moment to cover a few of these side effects and take a broad overview of the healing process.

Blurry Vision

After cataract surgery, it can take a while for your eyes to adjust to the artificial lens that is in place. Many patients experience clearer vision a few hours after cataract surgery. Hat said, it can take a week, two weeks, or sometimes longer before patients experience the sharpest/clearest possible vision from their IOLs.

Light Sensitivity

Light sensitivity is a common problem after cataract surgery; it’s something that all vision surgery patients have in common. Your eyes are adjusting to the IOL as well as the removal of the clouded lens, so bright lights will cause acute sensitivity. This subsides after a few days. Patients should wear sunglasses when outdoors, and possibly a hat with a brim as well to minimize discomfort.

Pain and Soreness

Some pain and soreness around the eyes may be experienced after surgery once the local anesthetic wears off. This eye pain is very minor, and can be managed using recommended pain relievers. Resting the eyes for the first day after the surgery can help manage the pain and make it dissipate sooner.

Dry Eye

Your tear production may be adversely affected by cataract surgery, though this is only a temporary issue. Red eye, itchiness, and a gritty sensation around the eye is common after cataracts are removed. Patients are told to carry lubricating eyedrops with them at all times to help provide relief from dry eye attacks. Keep these eyedrops with you for several weeks to help manage eye discomfort whenever it occurs.

Gradual Improvements Day by Day

After your cataract surgery, you should notice gradual improvement in surgical side effects day by day. This is a sign that the healing process is working. You can go over how you’re recovering during scheduled follow-up visits in the weeks after your surgery.

If you notice no improvement in certain side effects or even a worsening of side effects, be sure to get in touch with us as soon as possible. That could be the sign of a post-op complication that requires professional care and attention.

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