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Photo of a smiling older couple embracingAfter diagnosing the form of glaucoma that you suffer from, our vision care experts will configure an effective, custom glaucoma treatment plan at their Merrillville and Hobart eye centers in Indiana that will most effectively manage your condition. Our corneal, refractive, and glaucoma specialists will take into account the extent of your condition and previous medical history before recommending treatment. Our goal is to protect your overall health by stunting the progression of glaucoma so you won't suffer further vision loss. Deen-Gross Eye Centers in Merrillville and Hobart are proud to offer a wide range of comprehensive glaucoma treatments to our patients.

What We Offer

The glaucoma treatments that we offer at our Merrillville and Hobart eye care facilities can effectively prevent further vision loss and regulate the amount of fluid that is produced in your eye. The treatments can reduce the production of fluid, improve the amount of outflow of fluid, or regulate both, depending on the complexity of your condition. While the disease cannot be cured, glaucoma can be diagnosed and controlled before irreversible damage occurs. We offer various treatments including medicated eye drops and oral prescriptions, laser treatments, and surgery to safely correct your condition.

About Our Treatment Methods

Surgical procedures are usually recommended as a last resort, as our glaucoma specialists focus on trying to correct your eye condition in the most conservative manner possible. Our team understands how scary losing your vision can be, which is why we will discuss, in detail, with you all of the treatment options that we provide. If glaucoma is detected and diagnosed early enough, the disease can be controlled using eye drops and prescription medication rather than surgery.

Eye Drops and Prescription Medication

For most patients, we begin their glaucoma treatment by prescribing medicated eye drops for daily use. It is important that you use the drops as prescribed to prevent further damage to your optic nerves. Because many of the medicated eye solutions go directly into your blood stream, you may experience some side effects associated with the prescription drops. If eye drops are ineffective at lowering your eye pressure, our doctors may prescribe an oral medication for you to take daily. The pills do have some minor side effects that usually subside within a few days.

Laser Treatment

We offer Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) to patients whose eye conditions don't seem to respond to topical treatments and prescriptions. The safe and simple laser treatment can significantly minimize the built-up pressure in glaucoma patient's eyes. The laser treatment takes Dr. Malhotra less than ten minutes to perform and is clinically proven to effectively treat glaucoma in a single visit to our Merrillville and Hobart eye care centers. Alternative medications and treatments can cost you thousands of dollars, while this laser treatment can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Although laser treatments are successful, depending on the severity of your condition, they may need to be performed on a routine basis.

Laser therapy for glaucoma
Our practice has invested in one of the best-performing lasers on the market today in order to perform incredibly safe, effective glaucoma treatment. 


If laser treatments and prescription medications don't seem to reduce or manage your eye pressure, our specialists may recommend surgical treatment. Some of the procedures that our surgeons perform include mini-shunt and goniotomy glaucoma surgery. These corrective surgical treatments help to regulate the production and filtering of fluid in your eye and manage your eyes ability to drain.

Learn More about Your Glaucoma Treatment Options

To learn more about your options, contact our vision center today! Let one of our educated and experienced vision care professionals design a personalized, safe, and successful treatment plan that will help you preserve your vision.

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