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Photo of a couple rock climbingOur LASIK laser eye surgery specialists in Merrillville and Hobart, Indiana perform a thorough evaluation of your eyes before recommending the procedure as a means of correcting your refractive errors. Because not everyone is a suitable candidate for LASIK, it is important for Dr. Gross and Dr. Ray  to screen patients and to take both their ocular and their overall health into careful consideration. By doing so, our doctors can better ensure satisfying, optimal, lasting results.

Before Undergoing Treatment

Once our team has established that you are an appropriate candidate for LASIK, there are certain steps that you should take to prepare for surgery. You should stop wearing contacts in the weeks leading up to your LASIK procedure; these corrective lenses change the shape of your cornea, which can interfere with your results. Our doctors need to be able to properly measure the thickness of your cornea and shape of your optical sphere in order to establish an effective plan for the procedure. Evaluating your eye in its natural, disfigured form will allow out team to properly measure the corneal tissue which lowers your risk for complications during surgery.

Before having LASIK laser eye surgery at Deen-Gross Eye Centers in Merrillville and Hobart, you should arrange to have someone drive you to and from our surgical center. Our doctors recommend that patients refrain from using lotions, makeup, and perfumes the day before their surgery.

During LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

Our team wants you to feel as comfortable as possible during the course of the surgical procedure, so in some cases, our team may prescribe a gentle sedative to help you relax right before and during surgery. LASIK laser eye surgery is a simple, quick, and effective procedure that yields immediate results. During surgery, you will be asked to relax in one of our comfortable and cozy chairs. Once the chair has been reclined, our surgeons will begin the procedure by sterilizing the surface of the eye and applying drops that gently numb your eye.

Using an instrument called a microkeratome, the surgeon will create a thin flap in the surface of your cornea. This flap is then folded back, staying attached by an uncut hinge, to expose the underlying corneal tissue. An excimer laser is used to remove and reshape your corneal tissue. The intense laser beams either flatten or amplify the curvature of your cornea, correcting your refractive error or astigmatism. Once our doctors have finished reshaping the cornea, the flap is put back into place, where it heals without the need for sutures. The virtually pain-free procedure takes less than 30 minutes to complete for both eyes.

After Surgery

Immediately after surgery, you may experience some discomfort. A mild pain reliever may be taken to help ease irritation. Your vision will be hazy at first, and your eyes may itch. Most patients' first instinct is to rub their eyes, but doing so can damage your corneal flap. Dr. Gross or Dr. Ray usually prescribe eye drops to help prevent infection and inflammation. Your eyesight will dramatically improve within 24 hours of treatment. Most patients are able to resume normal activities one day after having surgery. You will visit Deen-Gross Eye Centers for a follow-up appointment within two days of having LASIK so that our team can evaluate your progress. Within the next few months, your vision will continue to improve as your eyes heal.

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