Pre-operative LASIK Instructions By David Gross on November 29, 2012

Lake County LASIK Pre-operative InstructionsBeing prepared before your LASIK surgery is just as important as following your post procedure instructions. By following your doctor's pre-operative LASIK instructions, you can help ensure the success of your surgery. Here are some helpful instructions from our friendly Lake County vision center.

Preparation in the Weeks Before Surgery

Preparation for LASIK surgery begins weeks before the actual procedure. Your treatment will begin with a pre-operative evaluation to determine the necessary treatment. Once your LASIK surgery is planned, you will need to begin preparation, especially if you're a contact lens wearer. Use of contact lenses can temporarily alter the shape of the eye, which is why patients must stop wearing contact lenses in the weeks before LASIK surgery. There are different types of contact lenses; the type of contacts you use will determine when you need to stop their use before LASIK.

  • Soft lenses: Soft contact lenses should not be worn a minimum of five to seven days prior to LASIK surgery.
  • Toric lenses: Toric lenses should not be worn for two weeks before the LASIK procedure.
  • Gas permeable, or hard lenses: Hard lenses alter the shape of the eyes the most and must not be worn prior to both the pre-operative evaluation and LASIK surgery itself. You should not wear your hard contact lenses for at least ten days before your pre-operative evaluation.  Depending on your doctor's recommendation prior to LASIK surgery, you should not wear hard lenses for two to four weeks.

The Day of Your LASIK Surgery

The steps you take prior to LASIK surgery can help with your recovery. Here are some useful instructions to follow on the day of your LASIK surgery:

  • Arrange for a driver: You will not be able to drive following LASIK surgery, so you will need to arrange for someone to drop you off prior to surgery and pick you up after surgery.
  • Do not wear perfume: Do not wear perfume, cologne, or aftershave on the day of your LASIK surgery.
  • Do not wear facial lotions: Facial lotions or creams cannot be worn during LASIK surgery.
  • Do not wear make-up: Make-up must not be worn on the day of your LASIK surgery, especially make-up around the eyes.
  • Do not wear facial piercings or necklaces: Facial piercings and necklaces must be removed during LASIK surgery. Be sure to leave such jewelry at home.
  • Dress comfortably: Dress in comfortable clothing. Wear a loose fitting top that can easily fit over your head.
  • Eat a light meal: If you plan to eat before your LASIK procedure, be sure to eat a light meal.

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