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Glasses Fogging Up? Consider LASIK

Face masks have added another layer of inconvenience for individuals with prescription lenses: foggy glasses. Masks don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, so…

Posted by David Gross on Oct 22, 2020

Eye Drops After LASIK

The doctors and surgeons of Deen-Gross Eye Centers discuss medicated eye drops and liquid tears for LASIK patients as they recover from surgery.

Posted by David Gross on Jan 29, 2020

How Long Does LASIK Last?

The results and benefits of LASIK can last for many years. Deen-Gross Eye Centers discuss the length of outcomes and later age-related vision issues.

Posted by David Gross on Oct 29, 2019

How Long Does LASIK Take?

Learn how long it takes to undergo LASIK treatment with the board-certified ophthalmologists at Deen-Gross Eye Centers.

Posted by David Gross on Jun 28, 2019

History of LASIK Surgery

The history of LASIK is built on decades of innovations in vision correction and laser technology. Our eye surgeons consider strides made in the evolution…

Posted by David Gross on Sep 30, 2018

Swimming after LASIK: What You Should Know

Wondering if you can cool off in the pool following your laser eye surgery? Our team at Deen Gross Eye Centers discusses swimming after LASIK.

Posted by David Gross on Jul 11, 2018

LASIK and Depth Perception: What Patients Should Know

LASIK surgery can potentially address issues with depth perception. Let's consider how laser vision correction can benefit you.

Posted by David Gross on Jun 29, 2017

After Laser Eye Surgery: Post-op LASIK Appointments

Your LASIK experience doesn’t end with the actual surgery. Find out what to expect from your post-op LASIK appointments at Deen-Gross Eye Centers.

Posted by David Gross on May 29, 2017

How Likely Is 20/20 Vision after LASIK?

LASIK surgery, offered at Deen-Gross Eye Centers, improves vision, providing many patients with 20/20 eyesight.

Posted by David Gross on Mar 29, 2017

Tips for Driving After LASIK: Patient Healing and Recovery

Many LASIK surgery patients ask us “When can I start driving again?” Let's answer this crucial question about laser eye surgery recovery.

Posted by David Gross on Mar 04, 2017

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