Eye Drops After LASIK By David Gross on January 29, 2020

Woman using eye dropsLASIK patients face a risk of infection and numerous other issues after they’ve undergone the procedure. In order to protect and comfort the eyes while they recover, it’s important to use eye drops of different kinds. At Deen-Gross Eye Centers in Merrillville and Hobart, IN, we provide detailed instructions on the use of eye drops after LASIK.

Post-op eye drops can provide relief from various LASIK side effects. More importantly, eye drops provide a sanitary way to deliver medication to the eyes without patients touching their eyes directly. It’s a sensible solution for proper LASIK aftercare. Dr. David Gross, Dr. Jeffrey Nelson, and Dr. Jamie Taffora offer an overview of post-op LASIK eye drops below.

Post-Op Prescription Eye Drops

Medicated prescription eye drops are given to LASIK patients to be used after their procedure. These eye drops are typically provided a few days before the LASIK surgery has been performed.

Patients may get two kinds of eye drops for post-op care: antibiotic eye drops and steroidal eye drops. The antibiotic eye drops are used to help prevent post-op infection of the eyes. The steroid eye drops are used to help control and reduce post-op inflammation of the eyes.

Instructions on Using LASIK Post-Op Eye Drops

Be sure to follow all instructions regarding these eye drops closely. We’ll provide ample information on the proper use and dosage of these eye drops as part of the pre-op phase. During your follow-up visits to our practice after LASIK, we can offer additional guidance on the use of these prescription eye drops.

Lubricating Eye Drops for Dry Eye

As eyes heal after LASIK, it’s not uncommon to experience some amount of dry eye. This dry eye is more pronounced in the first few weeks after LASIK, and will become less of an issue as patients continue to heal.

Liquid tears can help soothe red and irritated eyes. LASIK patients are advised to use liquid tears as needed after their procedure in order to provide relief from itchiness and irritation. It’s a good idea for LASIK patients to carry liquid tears with them for a few months after their procedure just in case.

What Kinds of Liquid Tears Should I Use?

While LASIK patients can technically use any over-the-counter eye drops to provide relief, ideally, patents should consider liquid tears that are free from preservatives. Preservative-free eye drops do not contain chemicals that could lead to unintended eye irritation. We can recommend some ideal liquid tear products to consider during the consolation process.

What If My Dry Eye Does Not Improve?

If your dry eye does not improve after LASIK surgery, we can look into the matter in greater detail during one of your follow-up visits. Do not hesitate to contact our team about any issues you may experience after LASIK surgery.

Learn More About LASIK Recovery

For more information about LASIK and the recovery process, be sure to contact our skilled team of eye doctors and surgeons. You can reach Deen-Gross Eye Centers at our office in Merrillville by phone at (219) 769-8989 and our office in Hobart at (219) 947-4410.

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