Five Signs It's Time for LASIK Surgery By David Gross on May 31, 2016

A young woman wearing glassesHere at Deen-Gross Eye Centers, we take great pride in helping the people of Merrillville make smart choices about their eye care and vision correction needs. This often involves detailed consultations in which we consider the current and future wellness issues that affect the patient.

When it comes to advanced laser eye surgery such as LASIK, there are typically a few signs to consider when it comes to overall suitability for the procedure.

About LASIK Surgery

LASIK surgery is a laser vision correction option that involves the use of surgical lasers to alter the overall shape of the cornea. By doing this, the path of light through the eyes is improved and properly focused on the retina (the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye necessary for good vision). This results in clearer vision and better overall eyesight.

Now that we've covered the basics, let's look at the five signs it's time for LASIK.

Sign #1 - You Suffer from Refractive Error

First things first, it's important that you experience a vision problem that LASIK can correct. LASIK is ideal for addressing refractive errors. This means issues with light focusing on the retinas.

You would know refractive errors better by the following terms:

  • Myopia (Nearsightedness) – Nearsightedness refers to cases in which it is easier to see objects that are up close than objects at a distance.

  • Hyperopia (Farsightedness) - Farsightedness refers to cases in which it is easier to see objects that are at a distance than objects that are up close.

  • Astigmatism – Often accompanying nearsightedness and farsightedness, astigmatism is a blurriness of vision linked to irregular cornea curvature.

Sign #2 - You Are Tired of Wearing Corrective Lenses

Another major sign to consider is that you are fed up with glasses and contacts. Changing lenses, buying new cleaning solution, and taking your contacts in and out can be a hassle. If you are burdened by having to wear corrective lenses, LASIK is certainly a good solution to consider for your needs.

Sign #3 - You Lead an Active Lifestyle

People who lead active lifestyles can benefit a great deal from undergoing LASIK. They no longer have to wear glasses, contacts, or clunky prescription sports goggles when they compete against others. Instead, LASIK gives them great vision and greater freedom to move as they will.

Sign #4 - You're at Least 18 Years Old

Age is an important factor in LASIK surgery. Only people who are at least 18 years old will be considered for LASIK surgery. Any younger and your eyes are still growing. LASIK should be performed when your eyes are fully mature, which ensures proper correction of vision and enhancement of your eyesight.

Sign #5 - You've Had a Stable Prescription for at Least a Year

In addition to being at least 18 years old, it's of the utmost importance that LASIK patients also have a stable prescription for at least a year. If your vision continues to change or get worse from year to year, the long-term results of LASIK can be negatively impacted. Instead, it may be a better option to wait to perform LASIK until your eyes have fully settled and your vision is set right.

Is LASIK Right for Me?

There are more considerations with regard to LASIK candidacy and suitability, but if the above five signs describe you, it's worth stopping by the practice for a consultation. We can go over all of the risks and benefits of LASIK with you and help determine the ideal treatment option for your needs.

Contact the Team at Deen-Gross Eye Centers

To learn more about LASIK and how it can benefit you, be sure to contact our laser eye surgery center today. The team at Deen-Gross Eye Centers will work with you to ensure you make the best choices about your visit and eye health.

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